We offer a full list of products and services.  If you have a software or technology need, we have a solution!

Network Consulting & Support
We have certified network engineers offering installation, management and years of experience with Microsoft, AS/400, Unix, etc.  We can install LAN, WAN, or VPN using multiple technologies including dedicated T1 lines or wireless utilizing radio receiver/antenna or point-to-point devices.

Servers, PC’s, Printers, Scanners & Other Devices – Sales and Service
We sell business grade servers and computers built in-house to fit your specifications. This enables us to use the best components and provide the best service and warranty coverage on the equipment. Our knowledge of software, printers, and other devices will help you choose the best solution for your needs!

Off-site Data Storage (Data Backup Suite)
Automatically, safely, and securely store data off-site with ability to quickly recover information through an internet connection. We offer several levels of backups ranging from our Black Box solution to completely encrypted data transfer and storage.

IT Audits & Intrusion Testing
Our technicians can audit your internal network and also scan, monitor, and attempt to penetrate your internet connections to reveal possible vulnerabilities.

Managed Services
Monitor any activity on your network 24/7/365, log current device status and issues, create reports from the collected data and send alerts when problems occur.  This service gives you the tools to detect and prevent potential problems BEFORE critical failure occurs.

Disaster Recovery
We can assist you in developing and implementing a plan for data recovery in the event of lightning, fire, flood, tornado, or other disaster. We can also assist with recovery in the event an actual disaster occurs.

Website Development & Hosting – Internet and Email Services
We also offer simple solutions to create professional looking websites that are easy to edit and update and can assist with technical details for web hosting and implementation. We’ll help you obtain a solid connection to the web, or business or personal email using dedicated T1 lines, high speed DSL, or your local provider. 

Security Camera Surveillance
Using color and infrared cameras with a DVR, you can have real time video and quick access to any pre-recorded time frame via your network or internet connection. Great for any property including inside or outside buildings or parking areas.

School Transportation Monitoring
Our mobile camera systems can monitor and record student behavior on a bus.  This solution may even save money on insurance and cost for an additional staff rider.

Recording Equipment – Video Conferencing
Broadcast or record business and council meetings, court sessions, or collaborate live from different locations.

Digital Telephone Systems
We install and service digital, VoIP (internet), and analog telephone systems with popular features including voicemail, call conferencing, auto-attendant, and call forwarding. Our Panasonic certified techs can service many other types of systems including Altigen, Comdial, and more.

Billing Software
Utility billing and customer management program which integrates with accounting, payment receipting and automated meter reading systems.  Simple, intuitive features make it a great solution for small municipalities, yet it has the power and flexibility that larger markets demand like service deposits and work orders features. Additional modules such as barcode payment scanning, CASS postage savings, ACH, credit/debit card and online payment processing, and a QuickBooks interface are also available.

Denali Accounting Software
Business accounting or true fund accounting is available in a module-based, fully integrated system.  Most popular modules for either system are General Ledger, Bank Reconciliation, Accounts Payable, Purchase Order, Invoicing, Inventory, and Payroll (includes Tax Rate updates and Tax Form printing) – others also available.  Denali integrates with our Jayhawk Utility Suite.

Jayhawk Court Software
From ticket to payment, this solution is perfect for small and medium sized cities – includes electronic reporting to DMV, collections export, and interfaces with e-ticketing and RMS software.

Justice Public Safety Software
A comprehensive RMS package for law enforcement and dispatch centers that interfaces with Court (JCS). This Custom Micro developed system includes Computer-Aided Dispatching, Jail Booking, Civil Paper Processing, Photo Lineup, KBIRS reporting and software for patrol cars.

Jayhawk Payment Receipting
Eliminate hand-written receipts by printing receipts for payments and tracking revenue for accounting integration (for items like permits, licenses, fees, etc.). Payments integrate and post for utility walk-in customers’ payments.

Custom Print Services

  • Bill Cards – Laser Bill card printing is handled directly by Jayhawk to provide better customer service, perfect integration, and lower prices.
  • Ticket Books – We design citation forms/books for your police department
  • Laser Checks – Cougar Mountain, QuickBooks, and Peachtree accounting are some of the many formats available.
  • Coupon Books – We provide customer-read water districts with pre-printed coupon books for your customers.
  • Laser Printers – Let us match the perfect laser printer to your printing needs.

Jayhawk Budget Tracking
A system designed by District Court Clerks to provide the necessary tools to easily manage a court budget.  Tracks details on beginning and ending budget balances, and disbursements/reimbursements made to and from the court’s annual budget.  A custom voucher form is also available to submit your bills to the county for processing.

Court Ledger Lookup System
District Court CMASS, JJS, or HSF records conversion into a non-proprietary Windows viewer environment. A convenient, safe option to preserve records and enables disposal of the CMASS machine.