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Solus by Jayhawk Software (Billing Software)

Solus by Jayhawk Software is our newest product for all your billing needs!  Building on over 35 years of experience in bringing you software solutions, Solus combines simplicity and affordability for billing of utility and other public services, with the option of implementing advanced features to meet the needs of larger cities, districts or other associations. Solus is targeted to meet the basic needs of our customers who want a simple billing system with optional features and functions for those who require additional efficiency and time saving shortcuts, such as AMR and other meter-driven tasks, electronic payment options, or accounting interfaces. This enables Solus to surpass our feature rich, very popular Jayhawk Utility Suite (JUS), with the flexibility for even more enhancements in the future!

In other words, whether you are a smaller entity that simply needs a non-complicated billing solution, or a larger one that needs advanced options, we think you will like what Solus has to offer!  We look forward to continuing to serve you and provide software solutions, as technology changes, for many years to come!

Popular Features in Solus

Enhanced Account, Contact, Property, and ITEM -Meter Screens

Larger summary screens that include most common information (including associated Accounts, Contacts, Properties, Meters, Work Orders, Licenses), and user-defined fields.

Detailed Account History

View EVERY past transaction, reading, move in/move out history and more for your customers.

Extensive Account Adjustments

Simple entry for common Account Adjustments including Reading Corrections, Bill or Payment Reversals, Transfers, NSF Payments, and User-Defined Adjustments.

Multiple Account, Contact, and Property Associations and Look Ups

Accounts, Contacts, Properties, and ITEMs associated and linked so information is easily seen (i.e. landlord owning multiple rentals). Flexible Look Up screen to search for your customers.

User-Defined Services, Meters, and Other ITEMs

"Meters" and "Other ITEMs" expanded to include all products/services offered:

Individual licenses/permits
Trash containers

Enhanced Payment Options

Payment Receipts with Change Due and Cash Drawer support. Electronic Payment options including Online, Autopay and Bank ACH payments. Level Pay Plan, Collections Delinquent Account Export and many more useful modules available.

Past Due Charges/Notices and Other Custom Notices

Apply flat or percent late fees and print or email Past Due Notices.  Set up unlimited Reminder or Shut Off Notices or any other Letters.

Move Out/Final Bill Assistant

Easily add other charges, Print Bill and Move In Landlord or New Owner. Prorate option for final or first bill charges also available.

Task Reminders Plus User Manual Links

Set up reminders for your important tasks and billing activities. Task panel displayed in the sidebar of your application and can be recurring. Check-off when you complete and task automatically re-appears when needed.

Improved Reporting Options

More Reports and Sorting and Filtering options, with more flexible user report interface including better Export options.

Unlimited User-Defined Fields & Options

User-defined Field Types available on Accounts, Contacts, Properties, and ITEMs Screens, plus Billing Cycles,  Account Statuses, Classes, etc.

Improved Security

User-Defined Groups and Privileges have been added to better-control detailed rights granted for different User roles.

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