Solus by Jayhawk Software

Solus by Jayhawk Software (Billing Software)

Jayhawk Software has released a NEW product to meet all your billing needs!  Building on over 35 years of experience in bringing you software solutions, Jayhawk Software is going strong, with the release of Solus by Jayhawk in December of 2016. This new software is intended to replace JUBS, which is approaching end of life due to Microsoft's Windows® changes and unsupported components. Solus combines simplicity and affordability for basic billing of utility and other public services, with the option of implementing advanced features to meet the needs of larger cities, districts or other associations. Solus is targeted to meet the basic needs of our customers who want a billing system as simple as JUBS. We are continually adding more features and functions for those customers who require additional efficiency and time saving options, such as AMR and other meter-driven tasks, electronic payment options, or accounting interfaces. This will ultimately enable Solus to surpass our feature rich, very popular Jayhawk Utility Suite (JUS), with the flexibility for even more improvements in the future!


In other words, depending on whether you are a smaller entity that simply needs a non-complicated billing solution, or a larger one that needs advanced options, we think you will like what Solus has to offer!  We look forward to continuing to serve you and provide software solutions, as technology changes, for many years to come!

New Features in Solus

New Account, Contact, Property, and ITEM Screens
Larger summary screens that include more information (including associated Accounts, Contacts, & Properties), and additional standard and user-defined fields.
Multiple Account, Contact, and Property Associations
Have multiple Accounts, Contacts, Properties, and ITEMs associated and interlinked so information is easily accessible from each screen (i.e. landlord owning multiple rentals).
Improved Reporting Options
More Report Sorting and Filtering options, with more flexible user report interface including better Export options.
User-Defined Service ITEMs
"Meter" has been changed to "ITEMs" to include an array of products/services offered:
·Individual permits
·Trash containers
New Task Reminders Panel
Set up reminders for your monthly activities. Activities are displayed in the sidebar of your application and can be recurring. Check to complete the task and make your reminder disappear.
Expanded/Improved User-Defined Options

Available on Accounts, Contacts, Properties, and ITEMs Screens, Billing Cycles, Colors, Field Types, etc.

New Single/Final Bill Calculation
New features include Account Number entry field, easily add new charge and new Total Bill, Includes AND shows all other un-billed usage.
Enhanced Security
User-Defined Groups and Privileges have been added to better-control the set of rights granted for different user roles.

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