Online Payments

EFT/ACH and Online Payments

Electronic Payment Options

Provide your customers time saving, easy electronic payment options (and more control if using online bill pay). Jayhawk Billing Software offers two standard EP options:

  • Bank Drafts
  • Bank ACH file

Jayhawk Billing Software can also be customized to work with other EP arrangements as a custom programming option. Please contact Jayhawk Software for more details, assistance and EP option pricing

Online Payments

With Jayhawk's Online Billpay module you can offer your customers the convenience of making their payment online, and at any time.  Online Billpay modules also include the ability to allow you to accept phone-in and walk-in credit/debit card payments or accept recurring payments by debit, credit, or ACH. Jayhawk has partnered with Pace Payment Systems and PSN to provide you with a wide range of payment processing options. Online Billpay is available for billing and court, so your customers can make their payments online for all charges in Jayhawk's Billing and/or Court software.  We give you the opportunity to select your payment processing vendor based on your organization's needs. Please see the bottom of this page for more information on our payment processing vendors.

EMV Compliance

All of these vendors are EMV compliant, per standards recently enforced, for a more secure method of credit/debit card processing.  Please read our news post about EMV compliance and our payment processing vendors if you are not already familiar with the specifics of EMV compliance.

Online Payments Features

Balance information is available for online viewing: Once a customer successfully logs into the online bill info page, they will see their balance due for their account(s) or case as well as a button which takes them to the payment page.

Generate a link for your customers to pay online using the website payment page: This link can be given directly to your customer or put on your organization's website (we have created a custom-color selection of buttons for payment options if you host your website with Jayhawk).PAY BILL TEALPAY TICKET REDPAY BILL BLUEPAY TICKET GRAY

The payment page: Can display different information (e.g. balance only or full information including usage and payment history) according to which vendor you choose.

A variety of payment types are accepted: Customers can use a credit card, debit card, or checking/savings account to pay any amount they wish towards their balance. The website will then process the payment received.*

*Payments may take up to 3 business days to process. As a precaution, the due date for online payments should be set to at least 3 days prior to the application of late charges to allow sufficient time to process the payments.

Integrating With Jayhawk Software


Billing/Court clerk will transfer balance info to payment processing vendor.

Customer logs in to the payment page and submits a payment.

At any time (e.g. at the end of each work day) the billing/court clerk will retrieve info for all payments that have cleared through the website. Note: Once a payment has been sent to a payment batch, it is not retrieved again from the website.

Once the payment information is retrieved from the website, the billing/court clerk can select which payments they would like to import into a payment batch.
Once payments are inside the payment batch, they can be edited, modified, deleted, or applied to the customer's account.

Note: Module pricing for online bill pay does not include card processing transaction fees. These can be charged to city/district or passed on directly to your customer. 

Want More Information?

To see a demo of how the website bill pay works, and see what your customers will see, please call or email Jayhawk Software at 620-365-5156 or

Please click on the logos below for more information on what these payment processing vendors can do for you.

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