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Billing Software - JUS (Jayhawk Utility Suite)

billing software, jayhawk software, advantage computer, utility billingInnovative utility billing software package featuring an integrated billing and accounting option designed for cities, rural water districts, other utility associations, or those customers wanting advanced reporting and unlimited expandability. This advanced system allows users to print reports from previous billing periods at any date and time, adjust entries from previous billing periods, print reports to PDF, and much more! JUS is a complete Accounts Receivable for Utility Billing and more.


billing software, jayhawk software, advantage computer, utility billing

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Flexible and User-Friendly Customer Tracking: 

  • Separate Customer Account and Premise to easily move customers in and out of your service area and separate history for all customers
  • Organize and report on customers by user-defined Route/Book, Cycle, Class, Category, and Status
  • UNLIMITED Customers, Meters, Charges, Deposits, and History
  • Print and/or TrackService Orders

Enter/Edit Meter Readings Manually or by AMR Device:

  • Detailed Meter Management including water loss and change out tracking
  • Readings entered by the group with Hi/Lo/Rollover warnings
  • Single Reading Entry for mid-cycle Final Billings
  • Automated Meter Reading/Handheld Device Export and Import

Billing, Late Charges, and Past Due Notices Simplified:

  • Calculate Stepped, Flat, Percent or Rate Table Bill Charges and Late Charges Automaticallybilling software, jayhawk software, advantage computer, utility billing

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  • Print Post Card or Full-Page Bills or Past Due Notices
  • Email Consolidated Bill (combine multiple accounts on one bill) option

Enter Payments Quickly by the Batch:

  • Multiple Users can enter payments in multiple batches
  • Print Customer Receipts and Bank Deposit Report

billing software, jayhawk software, advantage computer, utility billing

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Flexible Report Options:

  • User-Defined Select and sort
  • Select or sort by Route, Category, Class, Status or Cycle
  • Select by any date range
  • Sort by Account Number, Premise Number, Name, Service Address, etc.
  • Excel, PDF, or Data Export for Word Merge or other database tools

Accounting and Balancing Simplified:

  • Accounting GL Entry Export for ALL Transactions (Billing, Payments, Late Charges, Service Adjustments, Deposits, etc.)
  • Journal Reports for verification of GL Entries prior to Posting
  • Interfaced with Cougar Mountain Fund or Accounting System or QuickBooks

Additional Utility Billing Services and Modules:

CASS Postal Bar Coding

Payment Bar Coding

Consolidated Billing Statements

LIEAP (Low Income Energy Assistance Plan) Tracking

Level Payment Plan ( Budget Billing)

Jayhawk Payment Receipting Module (JPR)- receipt and reports for non-utility payments and balance cash drawer

EFT/ACH and Website Payments

AMR Interface or Handheld Devices

Bill Card Printing at a GREAT Price:

  • Post Card Bills as low as 3 cents per card! (in qty)
  • Guaranteed bill card quality and printer compatibility if purchased from us!


Jayhawk Utility Suite (JUS)

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