Consolidated Billing

Consolidated Billing

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Click Image to see a Consolidated Billing Statement Sample

Jayhawk Software has a module for JUS, which allows you to print a consolidated billing statement for a landlord, school district, apartment complex, or other customer that has multiple meters at various locations, on one summarized statement, while still sending an individual bill to the tenant or renter.  The JUS Consolidated Billing Module, includes a selection on the customer account tab for primary/sub-account.   The normal bill prints to a bill card, while the primary/sub-account print on full page statement (only one format currently available).  The primary account has the address the bill will be mailed to.  The statement displays breakdown of each accounts’ usage and bill. (Consolidated Bill Printing doesn’t utilize any of the Owner/Landlord/Renter dual bill printing options).

Account tab has a “Consolidated Billing” frame with settings to choose as:
– Primary
– Sub-Account (then lookup the “Primary” account to link it to)
– Not consolidated (default)

When the user clicks on the Print Bills menu, and on the billing group setup screen, JUS will have a checkbox for “Print Consolidated” Accounts (consolidated full page format only).  If user checks that check box, the system will print the consolidated full pg bills.  If not selected, JUS will pull in the regular accounts to print bills for using system set bill format.

Only accounts that are marked as Consolidated (Primary or Secondary) will print when printing consolidated bills, and only Non-Consolidated accounts will print when NOT printing Consolidated bills.  If in Consolidated Billing print option, Sort order on screen is NOT the sort order for printing and can’t select individual.  The module also includes a “Consolidated Accounts” report to show Primary Accounts and their Sub-accounts.

Other considerations:

  • PAST DUE/SHUT OFF letter is NOT Consolidated – those work individually – could do in future if customer needs/wants/provides direction for how to work
  • Level Pay Plan customers – the consolidated billing statement will not include information about what the customer should pay (LPP amount).  It will display the current balance due on the account.
  • Electronic Payment customers – the consolidated billing will not work, as it will not show the individual customers as being on EP.  If the primary account is EP, the EP amount will be the amount due for the primary account, not including any of the sub-accounts.
  • Multiple Meters of the same type (change-outs, etc.) will NOT show the readings for all meters on consolidated bills.
  • For all other non-standard bill options, will need to verify if works with Consolidated Billing or not, BEFORE we guarantee that we will get it to work.  Most functionality will NOT work with consolidated billing, due to very limited space for additional information.


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