Collections Export

Collections Export

The Collections Export module allows you to mark individual accounts to be submitted to a collection agency.   With this module, JUS/Solus creates a printable report of new accounts to export for preview prior to submitting to collection agency.  The export file contains customer name, address, phone, account #, shut-off date, last pay date, service address, balance due, driver’s license, and social security number.  Once export file is created, “Sent to Collections date field” will be auto-populated.  When customer is to be removed from collection, user will need to manually mark the checkbox on Customer screen.

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Jayhawk currently works with the following collection agencies:

Aberdeen Enterprizes II – For more information on collection services provided by Aberdeen Enterprizes II, please contact: Jim Shofner,, 918.794.0806 or go to

American Municipal Services –  AMS provides collection services at NO COST TO THE CITY.  Since 1994, AMS has provided quality collection services, collecting outstanding warrants, citations, water bills, EMS, etc.  AMS is strongly SERVICE oriented.  You may be assured your city will receive the most reliable service available.  If you want the BEST, call AMS! For more information call 1-888-290-5660.

Perdue Brandon Fielder Collins & Mott LLP, Attorney at Law – Perdue Brandon Fielder Collins and Mott‚ LLP is a law firm focused on government collection matters and currently serving clients in Oklahoma and Texas.  Since our founding in 1970 ‚ we have grown steadily every year‚ adding attorneys‚ clients and office locations. Presently‚ we have 13 offices with more than 400 employees to provide services to our clients. Founded on the principles of honesty and ethical conduct‚ our success is due to our refusal to deviate from these core values.  In Oklahoma, we are proud to be able to offer our services to our clients at no cost to them.  Under Oklahoma law, all of our fees are paid by the municipal court defendant who has failed to timely pay the money they owe the Court.  For more information on the services that we can offer your city, please contact firm attorney and partner, Tony Fidelie, 3401 NW 63rd Street, Suite 601, Oklahoma City, OK 73116, or visit:

Tony Fidelie – Firm Attorney and Partner
(800) 525-2481

Jill D Ratliff – Client Liaison
(800) 692-4053