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Jayhawk Court Software for Municipal Courts

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An essential task in any docketing system is the ability to quickly and easily enter information and retrieve info out at a later date. Jayhawk Court Software is simple and quick and makes court case tracking a breeze!

Features and Benefits:

Court software designed by court clerks
Remote or On-Site training available with court experienced staff
Excellent customer service with references available
Quickly and easily locate cases through our case search screen, which allows searching by defendant name, case number, citation number and additional fields
Electronic transfer of information to your state motor vehicle department and outside collections agencies
Electronic interface for ticket import with various e-ticket vendors
Electronic transfer to KBI through RAPID
Court software packages available for Kansas, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Oregon municipal courts

Court Software

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Jayhawk Court Software’s tabbed screens make locating case details and performing tasks easy with a click of a button.  The offense table includes standard state traffic offenses and the ability to customize to your local ordinances. With automated compliance processing, failure to appear and failure to pay cases are easily managed.

JCS’s comprehensive case management allows you to track offenses, dispositions, judge’s notes, hearings, warrants, suspensions and payments. JCS also includes customized reports and documents to meet all your reporting requirements.

Below is a list of some of the documents that are included in JCS.  There are even more than shown here!

JCS Documents Include:*

  • Notice to Appear
  • Notice to Pay or Appear
  • Motion for Bond Forfeiture
  • Waiver of Counsel
  • Waiver of Counsel/Entry of Plea
  • Payment Agreement
  • Payment Notice
  • Subpoena
  • Warrant
  • Recognizance Bond
  • 30 Day Notice
  • Surety Bond Notice to Appear
  • Case Entry Form
  • Court Record Request
  • Certified Driver’s License Request
  • Order for Continuance
  • Insufficient Funds Notice
  • Community Service
  • Worksheet
  • Payment Schedule
  • Surety Bond
  • Order Appointing Attorney
  • Contempt Citation
  • Case Information
  • Order of Dismissal
  • Order Revoking Diversion Agreement
  • Order Extending Time to Pay

JCS Reports Include:**

  • Court Docket
  • Daily Receipts Report
  • Charge Disposition Report
  • Monthly Receipts Report
  • Warrant Status Report
  • Suspension List Report
  • Case Information Report
  • Payments Due Report
  • Monthly Treasurer's Form (KS)
  • Municipal Court Caseload Summary (KS)
  • OSBI Forensic, AFIS & Lab Reports (OK)
  • Penalty Assessment Report CLEET (OK)

*Documents are auto-generated with the case information from JCS so you can easily create and print any documents from a case. Document lists, content and templates can be modified based on customer needs.

**Reports are comprehensive, include state mandated reports, and can be modified based on customer needs.

Jayhawk Court Software (JCS)

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