Data Backup Suite (DBS)

Data Backup Suite (DBS)

Keep Your Data Secure with Us    data backup

With Data Backup Suite (DBS), an internet upload of your files to our secure server will safeguard your data.  DBS will only push new files to our server, reducing the size of the backup being transmitted and speeding up the backup process. Utilizing scheduled nightly backups, this system ensures your internet performance during office hours will not be compromised.  By transferring data to the secure server, you receive the following benefits:

  • Scheduled backups allow user to perform unattended backups
  • Secure your data at two additional locations - black box at your location and black box in vault at Advantage Computer Enterprises, Inc.
  • Secure your email contacts; and email sent, received and deleted
  • Provides secure off-site storage, eliminating the need to hassle with transporting your flash drives or other external drives off-site
  • Prevent data loss with drive failures or natural disaster
  • Solution runs on Linux, known for reliability and security

How it works:



black box, data backup, jayhawk software, advantage computerConnect your PC to black box and use it as a network share point at your location to store data.  DBS transfers updated daily files from your black box to our black box.  By using secure user login to confirm and review data transferred, you can verify your data, and then easily restore data, if necessary.




Security Features:

  •  Ability to lock down areas of the black box to restrict access and to secure sensitive information
  •  Encryption is available for sensitive data communication between customer’s site and our servers
  •  Data is stored in vault protected by 8” thick concrete walls and ceiling

Service includes a "data" backup and not a full system backup. Some software packages are not compliant with standard data transfer recommendations. Jayhawk cannot guarantee compatibility of customers software packages. Customer may experience limitations with current internet providers in files that can be transferred due to tome required for DBS to review files and determine which files need to be transferred. 30 day money back guarantee if Jayhawk is not successful in getting customers data off site.

data backup, jayhawk software, advantage computer


Data Backup Suite (DBS)

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