Billing Cards

Billing Cards

At Jayhawk Software, we always do our best to provide quality products to our customers.  We offer several different options for bill printing, including full page statements, email billing, and billing cards.  Our billing cards come in two styles and are guaranteed compatible with our billing software.

The 200 series cards come with four cards per 8 ½” x 14” (legal size) sheet with a 2” waste tear-off, and in a variety of layouts to meet your billing needs.  These are our most popular cards!  You will want to verify that your printer will handle legal size sheets prior to ordering.  These cards also offer a perforated stub at the bottom for your customers to tear off and return with payment.  Each individual card on the sheet is 6” x 4.25”.



Regardless which style of cards you choose, we guarantee that they will be compatible with our billing software or you get your money back!  We can make simple changes to the cards such as changing the label/name of a box or field and add other basic information on the back of the card for a one time set up fee.  We offer several ink color options on the card to suit your needs.  All past due cards are the same format as the regular cards, with the exception of red text and the words “PAST DUE” preprinted on the card.  This way your customers can get familiar with the layout and where information appears on the card regardless of which card they are getting in the mail.   If privacy is a concern, we can even provide you with special envelopes designed to fit your bill cards!

As an alternate to billing cards,  we also sell perforated paper for full-page billing statements.  Full-page statements work for those cities or districts who typically send out a newsletter with their monthly bills or who have more information on the bill than what would fit on a smaller card.

For more information on billing styles and options available, or to place an order, please call 620-365-8065 today, email for a quote, or click here to access our customer portal to place an online order.