Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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See what our customers have to say about us!

Our goal is to establish friendly long term relationships with our customers.  Repeat business and referrals by our satisfied customers have helped us grow.  We pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service.  Read below to see what our customers have to say!

David Milam, Manager, Sedgwick County RWD #4 - “We use Advantage Computer Enterprises and the Jayhawk Software. The Jayhawk system and their meter company work together very well, I highly recommend the Advantage Computer Co they are very dependable and treat us like family. They address any issue we have in a timely manner, we have used them for the past three years...Ted with their meter company was here in the office...and states when asked he too recommends Advantage. He said he has no problems working with their staff, they take his calls without delay and address any issue he has. Feel free to contact their sales rep...We have had nothing but a good experience...their systems work great together and really nothing bad to report at this time.  

We are a small two person water district, with three operators and 645 metered customers. We are in the process of expanding three new additions adding another 100 metered customers.

Donna Wools, Manager, Shawnee County RWD #3 - “Our District has purchased our computers and printers from Advantage Computers the last two times that we have purchased new ones. We have had very few problems and if there is a problem, their support staff has been very helpful with solving the issue. We have also used a Jayhawk Software billing program for at least 20 years, starting with the JUBS program and now using the JUS program.  I cannot find enough words to describe how well the program has worked for us. If I have ever had a problem with the program the support staff has been very helpful.  The problem is always fixed on-line in a very short period of time. I would highly recommend Advantage Computers/Jayhawk Software to anyone that is in the market for new computers or software.”

Staff at City of Geary, Oklahoma - "We switched to Jayhawk Utility Software, Jayhawk Court Software, and Jayhawk Payment Receipting about two years ago; and we couldn't be happier! Within the first billing cycle, the new software showed us were we had unread meters, meters we didn't know existed, and meters that hadn't been properly read for months. Switching to Jayhawk found an extra $10,000 in utility revenue per month! The process of switching to Jayhawk was so easy too. We had a very tight turn around time as our old, outdated provider was stopping service, and the folks at Jayhawk took care of us the entire way through the process. The training was great, and the support since then has been A+. For our court software, we went from a manual system to JCS.  Our court clerk is in heaven! The software tracks everything and automates so much of the process that our court times have gone from 5-6 hours down to 2-3 hours. Our favorite feature is the payment receipting module (JPR) -- it's made our accountants happy and our auditors ecstatic. It blends seamlessly with JCS and JUS while being a super easy user interface while providing industry leading quality control. Our clerks love it...especially with the new addition of the QuickBooks import!   If we were asked if we would make the switch to Jayhawk again, we would do it in the twinkle of an eye! The Jayhawk team knows their product, they understand their users, they know the industry, and, most of all, they know how to have fun while offering industry setting service standards.  We're proud to be a Jayhawk city!!!"

Director Angela Murphy - “The Allen County 911 Communications Center has done business with Advantage Computer Enterprise and their highly trained staff since 2001. Advantage Computer is known for high quality products and has firmly established itself as a top competitor for hardware and maintenance support. We use Advantage Computer for all of our technology needs including email, firewall, PC’s and laptops, servers, domain, printers, security cameras, and backup storage.  Advantage Computer took personal pride in relocating our 911 Communications Center in 2010 and works hard to achieve our vision.  Members of management have made personal visits to my office to ensure our satisfaction with their service.  They understand the value of educating those who use their services and are willing to explain the intricate details to ensure fulfillment of every project.   Advantage Computer created a top-notch schematic for our organization that demanded high level security measures that ultimately exceeded the Kansas Bureau of Investigations standards.   Being operational is critical for a 911 Communications Center and Advantage Computer’s support team ensures that we always receive fast and efficient service.   Advantage Computer has made our growth and expansion possible by allowing us flexibility to grow as our needs change.”

Lorna Smith, Redfield, KS - " I cannot thank Advantage Computer enough for the great care your company, support personnel, and staff have always given me. I truly appreciate how well you have ALWAYS worked with me. Can't tell you how many times I have recommended your company when people are talking about computers because I hold your company in high esteem."

One of our Valued Local Customers in Southeast Kansas - "I am writing to commend the EXCELLENT service I received with regards to the repair and updating of my two laptop computers. Beginning with the tremendous “Customer Service” extended by everyone involved was outstanding. In this day, it is great to know that there is still a company like yours that seeks to perform up to expectations with customer satisfaction as the ultimate goal. As you know, I am not a company or large corporation.  I am only a single individual and yet everyone involved in re-solving my issues treated me as if I was the only customer that mattered. EVEN MORE, THE FACT THAT YOU ARE A “LOCAL” COMPANY LOCATED  MAKES IT EVEN BETTER. WELL DONE!"