Handheld Transfer Program

Jayhawk Handheld Transfer Program

Jayhawk Software can help save time, reduce frequency of re-reads, and reduce chances of error with a handheld or automated meter reading solution (AMR).

In the past, AMR devices have been quite expensive, so most of our smaller clients have not been able to justify them. Today, there are several economical alternatives for on-site automated meter reading.  Jayhawk offers an interface with several automated meter reading solutions, through use of the Jayhawk Handheld Transfer program.

AMR Interface with JHTP

If you chose to utilize an AMR solution, not only will you need the necessary hardware to read, but you will also need a software interface with Jayhawk billing software.  Jayhawk Software has experience in creating interfaces for a variety of meter vendors. The standard interface for each of the devices below is included in JHTP for your applications to use.

JHTP AMR interfaces:

  • All Psion Workabout Pro models 1-4 (when sold by Jayhawk Software)
  • DAP MicroFlex 5000 series (when sold by Jayhawk Software)

What does JHTP do?

JHTP allows your business to configure how you want to interface with your AMR device via either Active Sync or File Transfer Protocol (FTP), depending which handheld device you use. JHTP supports multiple device definitions so simple connection of the device to a cradle or computer network is all that is needed. Users can configure each device definition for file locations on device and where transferred files will be located on the interfacing computers. JHTP performs an automatic backup of data during each transfer of data to ensure that AMR data is never lost.

Pricing and additional information available by contacting our sales team at 620-365-8065 or emailing email: sales@jayhawksoftware.com.