Banking, Medical Field and Law Enforcement Data

Banking, Medical Field and Law Enforcement Data

Confidentiality and Data Security for Banks, Medical Field and Law Enforcement Agencies

Since 1980, Advantage Computer Enterprises has been a supplier of Information Technologies (IT) and provided support for products associated with IT. This longevity in the business of IT has resulted in accumulation of advanced knowledge and services.

Since its inception, Advantage Computer Enterprises has been involved with the support of financial institutions. This relationship has fostered an ability to deal with the necessary reporting regarding information systems required by the FDIC.  Services that are offered include information systems inventory, network mapping, topology diagrams, vulnerability assessments (both internal and external), audit responses, penetration testing, network and device monitoring, network design and implementation, and wide-area network design and implementation via wireless technologies.

The close association developed between Advantage Computer Enterprises and the financial industry has been instrumental in creating an acute awareness of confidentiality and the need for security. Our focus on these requirements has allowed us to become involved in supporting law enforcement offices and judicial organizations.  Our technicians are conscious of the need for confidentiality in all support situations.  Information systems security is focus in all decisions regarding a customer’s systems.

Medical providers such as hospitals, pharmacies, and physician’s offices are now being subjected to the enforcement of HIPPA regulations. Again, the awareness of confidentiality and security has led Advantage Computer Enterprises to expand into this market.  The knowledge garnered over the years is very useful in assisting our customers through some of the hurdles they face with the implementation of these regulations.  If you are a bank, medical provider, law enforcement agency let us simplify the process of meeting these regulations.  Call us today at 620-365-5156!