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“The Advantage” is our new combined Newsletter that was previously The BILLetin Board from Jayhawk Software and the Advantage Computer Enterprises, Inc. Newsletter.  We are combining our newsletters and making it available to all our customers since so many of our products and services now overlap.  As both the hardware (ACE) and the software (Jayhawk) divisions of our company have grown and expanded, more and more of our products and services from both divisions help customers that previously worked with only one division.

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December 2013 Issue

The Past…Present…and Future – Thanks to You!
The Past…The History of Advantage Computer and Jayhawk Software

The Present…Our “Team” Wishes You Peace, Joy, and Hope!
– ACE “Team” Photo
– Windows XP No Longer Supported
– Faster Gigabyte Networks – New Switch Technology
– Moving Toward Server Virtualization
– Crypto Ransom-ware Virus Stoops to New Low
– Panasonic Phone Systems and Utilizing SIP Trunks
– Associate Highlights – Lynette Prasko & Steve Prasko
– Video Conferencing Now Available in High Definition
– Jayhawk Utility Suite – QuickBooks Interface
– The Welcome Wagon – We welcome our newest customers
– Contacting Us for Help

The Future…ACE Kids Photo
Computer History Corner – The LISA Computer GUI
Jayhawk Users’ Software Training. It’s J.U.S.T. what you need!

advantage, newsletters, jayhawk software, advantage computer December 2011,

In this issue:ACE Associate PhotoWe Wish You Peace, Joy, Hope and Happiness!Another Microsoft CertificationHelpful Hints – Windows 7 – Part 2
– New Task Bar
– Windows Media Player
– Windows Exploer
– Snipping Tool, Search and moreNew Products/Services – Panasonic Phone SystemsJayhawk Software Quick Tips
– Jayhawk Users’ Software Training. It’s J.U.S.T. what you need!
– Jayhawk Utility Suite – Backup button
– Jayhawk Court Software – Quick Document Printing
Contacting Us for Help
The Welcome Wagon – We welcome our newest customers


advantage, newsletters, jayhawk software, advantage computerOctober 2009,

OPEN HOUSE Celebration – November 16th

Helpful Hints:
– Window 7
– E-mail Viruses
Associate Highlights – Danny Mattheis & Mike Vaughn
New Products/Services – EZ-Box Internet Computer
Open House Info & Specials
Jayhawk Utility Billing Helpful Hints:
– JUBS Batch Reading and Payments
– JUS Customer History and Adjustments

Court…in Short:
Justice™ police records management integration
Quick Print from Defendant’s Case
– JBT – Auto Fill Description on Disbursements
Computer History Corner – The First Home PC was for Kitchen
Complete a Survey – Win $25!


advantage, newsletters, jayhawk software, advantage computerJuly 2009,

In this issue:
New Building Open House
Associate Photo and Highlights (Donna Curry, Cheri Clark, and Kim Colgin) – New support website
Products/Services Featured:
– Black box Offsite Backup
Cash Drawer / Receipting System
– Website Development Solution

Helpful Hints:
– Virus Updates
– Windows – Vista or Downgrade to XP
– JUBS Zip backup
– JUS reports to PDF
– Court…In Short
– JCS – Integration with Police Records
– JBT – Inventory Tracking
Computer History – Speed of First “Computer”
How to Contact ACE/Jayhawk

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