Software Service Rates


2020 Rates

Advantage Computers/Jayhawk Software provides support to our customers via phone, fax and/or email, Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Central Time), excluding holidays. When you call our office, you will reach a live person, to whom you can explain the issue or concern you are having. Every call, email or support related question is documented in a service ticket, and then assigned to the next available support technician. Customers with a current support or maintenance agreement are given Priority Support Scheduling at a reduced rate, during the term of the agreement, over customers without a contract.  Those with Premium support contracts are given priority over those with Standard or Basic support contracts and call back turnaround expectations are outlined in each respective contract.  While we take pride in providing timely support services, and our goal is that all calls/emails are returned within the time frame outlined in your support contract; in times of high call volume, it may not always be possible.  Customer should inform operator/dispatcher of urgency of the situation and customer’s availability, so that calls are addressed accordingly. Customers who notify and schedule appointments in advance for specific training or technical services are given priority unless emergencies arise from other contract customers.

     Remote Software Support (Standard) $150/hour
     Remote Software Support (Expert/Accounting) $175/hour
     Emergency Support $250/hour  (Outside Normal Business Hours)
     Custom Programming $225 /hour
     Remote Training (Standard) $500 /day ($300 /½ day or $125 /hour)
     Remote Training (Expert/Accounting) $650 /day
     On-Site Training (Standard) $1000 /day ($600 /½ day)
     On-Site Training (Expert/Accounting) $1500 /day
     Travel – Software $100 /hour (+ $25 /hour for Additional Person)
     Over Night Per Diem (Hotel, Meals, etc.) $185/day
     All rates are subject to change without notice.


The amount paid for contract includes all current version updates released and a set number of hours (if applicable) to be used for future software support services as outlined in each respective contract.  Support beyond the total hours stated in the contract will be charged at discounted rates, as long as contract term is still in effect.  Software support hours cannot be used for technical hardware services (networking, printer setup, PC repair, etc.) and unused hours will not carry over beyond the expiration date of the contract. Rates are subject to change. All accounting related support, programmer support, and/or other expert or specialized support will be deducted off available contract support hours at double-time rate versus true time deducted for general support.
     Remote Discounted Software Support $65 /hour (15 minute increments)