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Jayhawk Budget Tracking (JBT)

Finally, a Budget Tracking Solution Designed Specifically for District Courts!

budget tracking, jayhawk software, billing software, court software, advantage computerJayhawk understands the need for a simple and efficient solution for tracking court budgets.   Jayhawk Budget Tracking (JBT) software provides the tools you need to make creating and managing your budget easier than ever.  JBT also saves you time by providing you with a quick way to enter your budget information and produce clean and easy-to-read reports.



budget tracking, jayhawk software, billing software, court software, advantage computer

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  • View budget balance at anytime
  • Perform complete budget tracking
  • Create user defined chart of accounts with unlimited number of entries
  • Retain payee names and addresses in Payee Setup- eliminating re-typing month after month
  • Customized disbursement voucher
  • Include multiple disbursements to same payee on one voucher
  • Detailed reporting function for audit purposes
  • Flag purchases for inventory
  • Retain and easily access budgets from previous years
  • Tie default amount and account to individual payees
  • Track funds encumbered for future purchases
  • Automate deductions from budget as disbursements are made
  • Customize district-wide breakdown by percent
  • Maintain district-wide database
  • Link scanned documents, such as invoices or statements, to disbursement transaction

Using the Future Budget Designer in JBT, you can create and edit your budget amounts for the upcoming year. Then, at the commencement of the new budget year, the Activate New Budget feature will help you convert the proposed budget into the Current Budget, where you can view or make adjustments to the budget, as well as make disbursements, reimbursements and generate reports.

  • Easily designate amounts for each fund account
  • Easily make adjustments to the future or current budget
  • View funds allotted, disbursed, reimbursed and remaining in individual account items from Current Budget screen

budget tracking, jayhawk software, billing software, court software, advantage computer

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Jayhawk Budget Tracking Software makes creating disbursement vouchers simple by allowing the user to:

  • Utilize inventory flag to mark purchases for Inventory Report.
  • Auto-Print individual disbursements
  • Tie disbursement to reference number, purchase order number, or invoice number
  • Delay payout of a disbursement and mark it as encumbered for future spending

Jayhawk Budget Tracking Software reports reflect information generated from data entered within the system, and can be filtered to include the information you need.  The reporting feature in JBT allows you to include subtotals on reports by a variety of categories to meet your needs.

  • Disbursements Report- a listing of all disbursements within a specified date range, which includes the date of disbursement, payee, amount of the disbursement and a total of the disbursements made within that date range
  • Reimbursements Report- a listing of all reimbursements collected within a specified date range for credit back into court budget
  • Voided Disbursements- a list of all voided disbursements within a specified date range
  • Budget Summary Report- a complete and comprehensive budget report showing allotted, disbursed, reimbursed and remaining funds in each account with a grand total of remaining funds available.
  • Inventory Report- a complete list of all purchases flagged for addition to the court year-end inventory
  • Budget Comparison- allows user to compare expenditures between budget years by account or by payee
  • OJA Report - easily prepare budget report on OJA approved forms for submission to county commissioners and OJA.

Jayhawk Budget Software’s Attorney Management feature will streamline the attorney appointment process by allowing the user to monitor and maintain misdemeanor and felony attorney panels, as well as any appointments of counsel on conflict panels. In the security setup, the user can allow other users to have access to the Attorney Management feature, without having access to budget functions.

  • Easily setup misdemeanor, felony, or conflict panels
  • Track number of appointments by attorney
  • Track payments made to attorneys
  • Track reimbursed attorney fees
  • Automatically assign next available attorney on rotational panel
  • Easily appoint outside attorneys when panel attorneys have conflicts
  • Give credit to panel attorneys who handle more complicated cases
  • Generate reports for appointments by panel or attorney


Jayhawk Budget Tracking (JBT)

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